Lightnet have partnered with the Galway Technology Centre to make it the first Technology and Innovation centre in the West of Ireland to obtain 1 Gigabit fibre broadband.

The 40 digital enterprises and multinational corporations based in the Galway Technology Centre will now have access to the fastest internet in the region thanks to Lightnet.

The massive bandwidth demands driven by explosive growth in video traffic and sophisticated consumer use and business IP services, have led to Lightnet to react fast in developing its network to facilitate large scale bandwidth requests.

Lightnet supplies connectivity for the West’s first Technology and Innovation Centre with a 1 Gigabit Fibre service., Lightnet Broadband

Lightnet have built their network up over the last 11 years. Their initial focuses was on a wireless platform and have since diversified the product range to include Fibre, VDSL, VoIP and customer event services the likes of Red Bull and Body & Soul.

Having some of the biggest names in Irish telecoms as business partners like ESB Telecoms, OpenEir and Vodafone, Lightnet can offer the best solution available to meet connectivity needs in business or home.

Caroline Ryan, Sales Manager at Lightnet “Internet traffic continues to grow at an astonishing pace, we at Lightnet are delighted to be able to facilitate the Galway Technology Centre’s request, their progress and innovation is a hugely positive step in increasing the technology vitality of the West of Ireland and we are delighted to be part of their future.”

The move into the fibre market has allowed Lightnet to compete directly with the larger providers and now provide service on nationwide scale. Their pricing model has been designed with the consumer in mind. It differs them from their competitors with no price hikes or complex bundles. Customer service is always to the forefront with their local Loughrea based support desk available to help.

The partnership between Lightnet and the Galway Technology Centre demonstrates the strength of enterprise in Galway and the importance of local ventures.

Lightnet supplies connectivity for the West’s first Technology and Innovation Centre with a 1 Gigabit Fibre service., Lightnet Broadband“The expansion of our fibre connection to 1Gbps is in anticipation of the future needs of our clients who use the internet for cloud applications, storage, backup, collaboration and video conferencing. This increased capacity, which more than triples our current service, is an example of how we deliver on our mission to enable the global growth of ambitious startups and enterprises.” Niamh Costello, General Manager, GTC

For more information on Lightnet’s connectivity solutions visit or call 091 395804.