Backup Internet Connection

Internet access, in whatever manner you choose to use it, is critical to your company’s success. One of the first measures your business can do to assure success is to identify the proper service provider.

However, even with a dependable provider, downtime can occur. Downtime can prove costly for any business, whether it’s due to disconnection on your end, a supplier issue, or weather disruption.

Fortunately, there is a proactive way to avoid these disruptions before you encounter any downtime. The answer is installing an alternative internet connection.

The backup broadband service is only a precaution as you will not need to utilise it until the primary internet connection fails. However, having it ready and accessible in the event of an outage will reduce financial and productivity losses.


What Kinds of Outages Can Happen?

While every business strives to choose the most dependable broadband service available, there is always the potential for unforeseen connection problems. Unless you have a backup connection, internet outages create a significant impact on your business’s day to day operations. A single hour of downtime due to failure can cost a business thousands of euros.

  • An internal problem arises when a failure occurs within your internet service provider’s (ISP) network. These sorts of issues are usually resolved within a few hours by providers.

  • A fault might occur as a result of a communication or payment issue. It’s critical to double-check that you’ve paid all of your bills and that there are no outstanding balances.

  • An internet outage might be caused by a loss of electricity in your local area or by an equipment malfunction. With battery backup or generators, power outages may be addressed quickly, and equipment replacement can be completed in hours with an active support agreement. In some cases, bad weather might contribute to power disruptions.

Whatever the reason or cause for an outage or disruption to internet service or speeds, ensuring you have the security of a 2nd backup broadband connection will greatly alleviate any issues you face and get you back to work quickly.


The Advantages of Using a Backup Internet Connection

Having a backup internet connection does more than just keep your connection alive and running during disruptions. There are several more advantages of having a safety net in place, including:

  • While complete outages are costly to your business, internet disruptions of any type are inconvenient. You may utilise the backup internet connection to keep productivity up even if your primary server’s service is intermittent or poor. It’s efficient and fast, and having a backup prepared ahead of time ensures that you can respond quickly to any potential problems.

  • Customers are the most important aspect of any business. Your customer service levels are a primary factor on whether customers remain with you. Your staff will be able to reply to client queries or purchases more quickly if you have a reliable and constant internet connection.

  • Trying to go back online after an outage may be frustrating, especially if your firm has a large number of employees. They can’t operate efficiently if your internet connection goes down. Using a secondary internet provider will give you the peace of mind that comes with having a backup plan. You’ll be able to get things done without needing to wait for reconnection updates.

  • When it comes to choosing a backup service, Lightnet provide resilient, high capacity, always on broadband connections to business owners anywhere in Ireland

With Lightnet, you can keep your business functioning…

Having a backup secondary internet connection is highly recommended for every business to ensure 24/7 uptime.

Your business has unique requirements and challenges. When selecting a backup internet connection, be sure it is the best option for your business. It’s critical to thoroughly evaluate all of your alternatives, from budget compatibility to staff performance.

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