Faster Internet, with guaranteed security and core network up-time for your business

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Wireless Broadband

Our team of highly experienced engineers are experts in providing creative solutions and they relish a new challenge.

If you think it can’t be done or simply don’t know what to ask for, we are always happy to chat and go over all the available possibilities.

Wireless Broadband Galway and Clare

At Lightnet we are about faster internet for your business.  We can provide network access with speeds from 5Mbps to 100 Mbps or higher starting at €199 per month.

Wireless Broadband Galway and Clare

Our company is committed to providing quality, high speed broadband access to rural and regional areas to the west of Ireland through the use of wireless and fixed line technologies.

Wireless Broadband Galway and Clare

Lightnet offers guaranteed core network up-time. Combined with multiple redundant loop failovers, our network guarantees the most secure connection available for your business.

We are a 100% Irish owned company

Lightnet Network

The Resilient Network: Multi-Tiered Security for The Most Reliable Connection Available

In building our network the figure 8 redundant loop principle has been sacrosanct. This has given us a network which offers the highest levels of security against downtime or interruption.


As we 100% own and operate our own network, unlike our competitors, we are capable of offering true diversity links and enviable SLA commitments on up-time.

Virtual Fibre Business Broadband

High speed internet where you need it Business Broadband
  • Secure, Flexible and Extremely Reliable Connections
  • Our Packages are tailored By You For Your Growing Business
  • The Resilient Network, Multi-Tiered Security for The Most Reliable Connection

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