Why do you require a backup internet connection for your business?


Internet access, in whatever manner you choose to use it, is critical to your company's success. One of the first measures your business can do to assure success is to identify the proper service provider. However, even with a dependable provider, downtime can occur. Downtime can prove costly for any business, whether it's due to disconnection on your end, a supplier issue, or weather disruption. Fortunately, there is a proactive way to avoid these disruptions before you encounter any downtime. The answer is installing an alternative internet connection. The backup broadband service is only a precaution as you will not need [...]

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How to improve WiFi blackspots around your home?


We love having WiFi at home! But patchy coverage and dead zones of WiFi access around the house is a bit irritating. Low connectivity and slow speeds are experienced by many WiFi users. It doesn't work at all in one room and may be too slow in another. WiFi must overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve a good connection - some of which can not be eliminated simply by buying a new wireless router. The strength of the wifi signals gets weaker as they pass through walls or ceilings and so you may experience drop in internet speeds. Competing networks on [...]

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Top 5 VoIP Advantages for Business


  A VoIP phone is a telephone system that completes the call through the Internet. Calls from one VoIP client to another, especially when both are using the same service, can be delivered entirely via the Internet. Alternatively, the call can be handed over to a traditional phone system at some point, such as calls to landlines or mobile phone numbers from a VoIP phone. Instead of utilising more traditional phone networks, users may make and receive calls through the internet. The ability to make calls from anywhere in the world, regardless of the phone system in use or the quality [...]

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COMING SOON – Lightnet Phone services


COMING SOON - Lightnet Phone Lightnet phone service will offer you competitive call rate and free minutes. Get a new number or keep your own. Also extra’s for free such as free answering machine facility with remote access allowing you check your message even when you’re not at home,  No need for a landline and no line rental. Plus package options to suit you, starting at ZERO Monthly commitment! To find out more about Lightnet’s phone or register your interest contact our sales team on 091 395804 or email sales@lightnet.ie Back to News

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Galway Bay FM in Loughrea in Association with Lightnet!


Galway Bay FM in Loughrea in Association with Lightnet! We are delighted to announce the Galway Bay FM​ BayCaster will be in Loughrea Town tomorrow Thursday October 12th in association with Lightnet​. Come on down from 12-5pm to check out our latest offers and win some really cool prizes! Listen in to Galway Bay FM throughout the day also to be in with a chance to win!

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Mannin Broadband Tower Works Completed


Mannin Broadband Tower Works Completed Our engineers were hard at work this week, completing upgrade works on our Mannin Tower in Connemara! We had the weather for the work so all was completed in double quick time!  Customers in the area are now eligible for high speed broadband upgrades which will get them faster speeds in their area! Please contact our office on 091 395 804 or visit lightnet.ie for more information on how to get these high speed upgrades on your connection! You can also email sales@lightnet.ie to get a high speed broadband upgrade!

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Win a Fantastic Weekend Away to Ballynahinch Castle!


Win a Fantastic Weekend Away to Ballynahinch Castle As a part of our Fibre is the Future campaign, we are giving one lucky person a weekend away for 2 people to the amazing Ballynahinch Castle Hotel in Connemara! Please visit www.lightnet.ie/promo for the full competition details. All you have to do is sign up to Lightnet using your promotion code and you will be in with a chance to win! It really is that simple!   For more information on our Super Fast Broadband visit www.lightnet.ie/fibre-to-the-home fore more information!   Best of luck to all!

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