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    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Mesh with

    Wi-Fi at home is the best! But it’s not so great when reception is weak in some rooms. The solution? Mesh technology, currently a hot topic in home networking. The good news is that you already have Mesh networking at home with FRITZ!.

    Mesh — what is it and how
    does it work?

    Sometimes a single Wi-Fi network is not enough for your home or office. Reception can be slower or suffer dropouts in some rooms. Mesh networking does the following: multiple devices generate multiple Wi-Fi networks, which are combined to form a single, meshed network. Conveniently, the entire Wi-Fi shares only one name and password.
    With Mesh you can enjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming, gaming and more — seamlessly reaching even the furthest corners of your home, apartment or office.

    Wi-Fi from S to XL

    With Mesh you expand your home network to the size you need it:

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Small to medium-size
    apartments on one floor

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Medium-size apartments/houses
    on one to two floors

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Large apartments/houses
    with multiple stories

    FRITZ! + FRITZ! = Mesh

    The hub of the Mesh network is always your FRITZ!Box. Adding more devices is easy:

    FRITZ!Repeaters give you greater range.

    FRITZ!Powerline devices with Wi-Fi use your home’s
    electrical wiring as an additional data freeway.

    And an additional FRITZ!Box can be used as a Mesh repeater.

    The devices sync automatically – you don’t have to do a thing. Changes to
    settings are also automatically adopted for all FRITZ! products.

    The world of Mesh

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Mesh Wi-Fi steering

    Automatically directs wireless
    devices to the wireless access
    point with the best reception
    and to the most powerful
    frequency band.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Crossband repeating

    Always uses the Wi-Fi band
    offering the fastest connection
    for your FRITZ!Repeater.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Optimized IPTV/streaming

    Enjoy video and music around the
    clock, without interruptions.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband


    Antennas transmit directly
    towards the terminal devices,
    offering even greater range
    and speed.

    Control in the palm of your hand

    The Mesh network graphic shows you which FRITZ! devices are active and how they
    are connected to your smartphone, tablet, notebook or game console.

    Want to offer your guests fast Internet, but at the same time keep it securely separated
    from your home network? With the FRITZ! Hotspot all it takes is one click. You can also
    deactivate your Wi-Fi automatically overnight for all your FRITZ! devices.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Mesh networking overview

    See what’s happening with all of
    your connected devices and install
    updates centrally with the FRITZ!Box.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband


    Invite your guests to the internet.
    Settings also apply to FRITZ!
    Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband


    Create a schedule and turn the
    Wi-Fi on or off automatically.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband

    Parental controls

    Limit time online per device, by
    duration or period or block
    certain sites.

    Getting started

    With Mesh you can optimize your existing home network at
    the touch of a button.

    For more information check out our handy guide.

    FRITZ Mesh, Lightnet Broadband