The Ultimate online experience is coming to Tuam.  Lightnet Gigabit Broadband is the fastest broadband network in Ireland.

Tuam’s Gigabit Fibre Broadband launch is an ongoing process and we’re just about halfway there. Due to the large number of homes that have been included, the rollout has been broken down into four phases.

If you’re looking for the fastest broadband possible then a full-fibre gigabit broadband service is the only way to go. It provides a massive amount of bandwidth that’s enough to handle anything a home user could throw at it, as well as the capability of serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Lightnet Gigabit broadband is a dedicated internet connection that offers speeds of up to an astonishing 1GB. Those old telephone lines will soon be a thing of the past and this ‘full-fibre’ experience is capable of much faster speeds when it’s not impeded by an old telephone network.

If your connection is currently being shared between multiple users or you’ve got a large number of net-connected devices in your home then a gigabit service should mean there’ll always be more than enough bandwidth for everyone and everything, even if you’re all streaming HD video and downloading huge files at the same time.

For the more technically inclined it’s also an exciting prospect for running servers from home, such as multiplayer gaming, media streaming, or web sites.

Lightnet gigabit broadband will allow small businesses and sole traders to take advantage of the faster speeds. Businesses that would be well served by such a highspeed connection, not just for file transfers but VOIP and video calls and handling the needs of multiple users.

Better yet our affordable packages have no strings attached or sneaky price hikes. What’s more, when you GoMax your connection you will receive a free next-generation Wi-Fi router and 300 call minutes to all Irish landlines and mobiles including international landline calls to UK, Mainland USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

To ensure you get a booking and installation as soon as possible, please contact our sales team on 091 395804 or email to find out if your home is included in our gigabit coverage zones.