How to improve WiFi blackspots around your home?, Lightnet Broadband

We love having WiFi at home! But patchy coverage and dead zones of WiFi access around the house is a bit irritating.

Low connectivity and slow speeds are experienced by many WiFi users. It doesn’t work at all in one room and may be too slow in another. WiFi must overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve a good connection – some of which can not be eliminated simply by buying a new wireless router. The strength of the wifi signals gets weaker as they pass through walls or ceilings and so you may experience drop in internet speeds.

Competing networks on the same or overlapping channel can cause slow connectivity in an area. The speeds decrease for everyone when a WiFi channel has a lot of active users on several networks. Unfortunately, the channel isn’t just for you, and you can’t stop it from being used by other users.

So, how to overcome this issue of weak reception in some parts of the house?

Using MESH technology!

You can expand your WiFi extensively with a mesh network, and enjoy high speed while surfing, streaming videos, playing video games, etc. The Mesh network is ideal for greater internet access to your home’s unreachable areas! As defined by Google, “A mesh network is a group of devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network; so there are multiple sources of Wi-Fi around your house, instead of just a single router.”

The good news is that with FRITZ!, you have Mesh networking at home already. Multiple FRITZ! products generate several wireless networks resulting in a single MESH network. FRITZ! + FRITZ! = Mesh. The hub of your mesh network is always your FRITZ!. You can add any number of devices to your mesh network and adding these devices is very easy.

  • FRITZ! Repeaters can provide homes with better coverage and can easily integrate with
  • FRITZ! Powerline devices that support WiFi using the home’s electrical wiring as an additional data freeway.
  • An additional FRITZ!Box can be used as a Mesh repeater.

The main FRITZ! Box which is defined as the mesh master, connects all the wireless settings to other FRITZ! Products. All you have to do is connect your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. to your Fritz!Box once to take advantage of the mesh technology. It’s that easy!

Most importantly, all the usual features of your Fritz! products will work even while in a mesh configuration,

  • FRITZ! Hotspot for guest’s access
  • Parental controls
  • Automatic WiFi on/off scheduling
  • And many more features

Click here if you’d like to learn exactly how to configure a mesh network on your Fritz!Box.