Support FAQ

DD Payments

All our connections require payment by direct debit details. If you need to submit or change your bank details just click here


To cancel your connection just contact our accounts team on 091 395804 or


All our connections are subject to the minimum contract term based on the package you have chosen. If this contract is broken, you will be charged for an amount equal to the remaining months of your contract.

Moving to a new house

If you move to a new house it will require a new install at the new premises so there will be a €100 fee. Please contact our sales team to arrange this – 091 395804 or

Missed payments

If you miss a direct debit payment, there is a €10 admin fee added to the missed payment amount. The accounts team will text you to advise that the payment has been missed and you can ring them to pay the amount owed.

If you do not pay the amount owed your connection will be suspended until payment is received.

If you need further information just contact our accounts team on 091 395804 or

If you need more data we have loads of options. You can choose a once-off Data top-up or you can upgrade your package with a bigger monthly data allowance

Data Top-ups:

Data top-up Single payment Data Allowance
100GB €10 100GB 30 days
500GB €20 500GB 30 days
Additional 1TB of Data per month €10 Per month 1TB Min 12 months commitment. If the contract is within 12 months of the contract end date, this end date will extend to the end of the 12 months.

Package upgrades: just contact our sales team and they will be happy to go through the options available to you. – call 091395804, text 0872720380, or email

No Connection

If you have no broadband, there are some simple checks you can do before you contact us:

  • Check several devices to see if the connection and wi-fi has dropped from all devices.
  • Check that all cables for your internal Lightnet equipment and your Wi-Fi router are fully plugged in and secure as they become have accidentally become loose.
  • Disconnect it from the power socket for approx. 30 seconds then plug it back in again.
  • Reboot the Lightnet internal equipment. There is a small black Lightnet power supply device inside your premises. Disconnect it from the power socket for approx. 30 seconds then plug it back in again.
  • Fibre – contact our support team for next steps and best advice. Still no connection?, don’t worry we are here to help – call 091395804, text 0872720380, or email

Wi-Fi Range issues

Internal Wi-fi coverage issues can be caused by various issues such as thick walls, hollow core, range on routers, etc
We recommend the award range of Fritz devices to the best Wi-Fi Experience, for more information on their range extenders

Here are some tips on getting the most from your Wi-Fi

Check who or what is using it…

Turn off deceives that that are not in use but are connected to the Wi-fi. Check for dormant devices like printers, radios, etc that may be connected to the wi-fi

Cable connection

Use a direct cable from your router to devices such as smart TV’s, Xbox, PS4, PC’s, TV Box to get the optimum speed capacity.

Wi-Fi password

Set a Wi-Fi password on your router on to deter unwanted users.

Avoid interference

Keep the router away from metal devices like fridges and microwaves. Also signals from baby monitors, cordless phones may cause issues.


Place your router centrally and in the area that you plan to use the connection the most. Hallow-core or thick walls may impact on it, so extenders or powerlines may be needed.

Older devices

Older technology may take longer to communicate with your wi-fi signal so internet may be slower on these devices. Turn off when not in use. Use of old routers may also impact speeds.

Your phone account is accessed via our phone portal

Our support team would have emailed you your username and password. If you are having difficulty logging in just contact our support team.

Once you are logged in you can

  • Check your balance
  • View call activity log
  • Review the call rates
  • Top up your call credit

Topping up your call credit

  • Call credit can be purchased in amounts of €10, €20, €50, or €100.
  • To purchase credit simply click on the BUY NOW button in the phone portal.

We are here to help –

Call 091395804
Text 0872720380

Our award winning FRITZ!Box provides great parental controls features. The main help that the FRITZ!Box can provide is setting up of access profiles for all the devices in the home network. The particular access profile can be limited to how long and when the internet is used during any day of the week. Not only limiting the internet usage time, but also blocking access to certain websites on the internet is possible with FRITZ!Box. Click here for the steps to set up the access profiles.

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