A VoIP phone is a telephone system that completes the call through the Internet. Calls from one VoIP client to another, especially when both are using the same service, can be delivered entirely via the Internet. Alternatively, the call can be handed over to a traditional phone system at some point, such as calls to landlines or mobile phone numbers from a VoIP phone.

Instead of utilising more traditional phone networks, users may make and receive calls through the internet. The ability to make calls from anywhere in the world, regardless of the phone system in use or the quality of available phone signals, is the most significant benefit. Such flexibility and simplicity of communication are more crucial than ever in this new world of coronavirus lockdowns and travel limitations.

Local Area Networks (LANs) transform analogue voice transmissions into digital data, which is then sent across the internet in the same way that emails or website data are. It may replace or supplement a standard phone system to improve commercial or domestic phone capabilities and improve communications for all sorts of businesses anywhere in the world.


5 Advantages of VoIP for Business

  1. Cost Savings

VoIP is most recognised for how inexpensive it is to make a call, despite all of its great capabilities. The cheap prices are due to VoIP’s use of an existing internet connection, which means you’ll only be charged for internet usage. Traditional landlines, on the other hand, need actual infrastructure such as cables, installation and maintenance fees, and high phone bills.

The average monthly cost of a landline phone system for a business is €50 per line. Lightnet VoIP plans, on the other hand, start from €20 per month for business.

  1. Any Mobile Device is Compatible

Because VoIP services use your internet capacity to make calls, you may use your service on any internet-enabled device. You may work from any location  with an internet connection. The coronavirus epidemic has caused the majority of the world’s office workforce to work from home, and many individuals are likely to continue working from home in some capacity even after it is safe to return to work. It has a significant influence on your productivity and mobility by allowing you to contact your team members even while they are on the go. Employees will often be permitted to keep the same phone number even if they travel or transfer offices. This means you’ll spend less time and energy updating contact information or following down old leads.

  1. Scalability

As your business grows, you’ll need to acquire expensive hardware or a dedicated physical line to add phone lines to an analogue phone system. Because VoIP phone lines are virtual, there is no need to go through a lengthy setup process. It will be simple to assign phone lines to additional employees if your company grows to the point where you need to create a new office.

VoIP telephone systems integrate with current networks, making collaboration between staff and consumers far less expensive. Because internal calls are made via your internal VoIP networks, they are usually free. External calls are also quite affordable since they are made via the internet and do not require a connection to a telephone network.

  1. Quality of Calls

The majority of VoIP calls are of great quality, crystal clear and with no delay or noise. In VoIP systems, call quality might decrease as a result of difficulties with internet access and system configuration. A specialist VoIP service provider can educate you on the criteria you’ll need to take advantage of high-quality internet phone calls in your company. In terms of quality, a properly configured and maintained VoIP system outperforms traditional systems.

  1. VoIP Works Exceptionally Well with other technologies

Integrating traditional phone systems with other company technologies can be quite complex. This is not a problem with VoIP. Voice calls may be readily recorded and stored in customer records, voicemails can be sent to email, and calls can be initiated from several programs. Integrating analytics with your internet phone system is also quite straightforward. Not only will adopting VoIP boost productivity right away, but you’ll also be able to track and refine your processes over time for even more gains in efficiency and customer service.


VoIP has several advantages for business customers, including the ability to save money while simultaneously boosting efficiency. If you’re still struggling with a traditional phone system, it’s time to think about VoIP. It may change your office’s reliability, connection, and performance. If you want to learn more about converting to VoIP and the benefits it may provide for your business, employees, and clients, check out Lightnet’s VoIP packages at or call Lightnet at +353 (0)91 395804 now.