How does FRITZ!Box help with parental controls?

The main help that the FRITZ!Box can provide is setting up of access profiles for all the devices in the home network. The particular access profile can be limited to how long and when the internet is used during any day of the week. Not only limiting the internet usage time, but also blocking access to certain websites on the internet is possible with FRITZ!Box.

You can set up the access profile rules and filter internet pages and restrict the time and duration of surfing and block hazardous pages to young people by following the following steps,

1. Set password: by entering in the address line, log in to your FRITZ!Box via a browser. Have you set up a secure password to access your router menu yet? Do that now, then. Click on System -> FRITZ!Box user -> Register on Home Network. Then, Select Register with the FRITZ!Box password, type a password and click Apply.

2. Set access rules: To set access profile rules, click on Internet -> Filters -> Access profiles. Then click on New Access Profile. In the name field, type something like ‘Child.’ You can now specify the time of day your child is able to browse the Internet on a weekly schedule.

Choose “limited” to do this and set the permitted surf time for the whole week: to do so, drag the mouse from the top left to the bottom right while holding the mouse button down. Browsing is allowed in the blue highlighted time, otherwise it is not. Also, you can set the daily maximum duration.

To do this, select the “limited” setting under “Time allocation” and type the number of minutes in the appropriate fields on the right side of the day of the week. You can also activate the “Shared allocation” field if the maximum usage time is shared by different network devices with the “Child” access profile.

3. Filter Internet pages: You can also block pages for minors on the Internet. Select Filter Internet Pages and Block Internet Pages (black list). This causes the FRITZ!Box to block all web pages indexed by the German Federal Department for Young Persons’ Harmful Media.

It also makes sense for tiny kids to do this in reverse and allow only certain web pages. Select Allow Internet Pages (white list) to do this and edit the appropriate list. Click on OK once you have made your choice.

4. Select device: Now search for the name(s) of your child’s computer or other Internet-enabled devices in the list in the Child lock tab. Right-click the Default option. Select ‘Child’ in the selection menu and click on OK. The lock for the child is now active.